25 Chic Room Design Ideas With Purple Color

Posted by admin On November - 13 - 2011

Here are 25 chic room design ideas for you who love purple color. Coloring is one important thing when decorating rooms. Each color has its own meaning which shows expression of feelings and emotion. Purple color is the symbol of creativity, wisdom, royalty, spiritual, magic and also feminine and passionate color. Some said that purple could makes us have peace in mind and it also is the color for meditation. I don’t know for sure, but some or all of it could be right.
These chic rooms below are all have purple decorating. Purple interior design, wall decorating, furniture or just simply put small purple thing like cushion to make the room looks chic and stunning. You can find varied rooms below which decorated with purple. Some bedroom with purple bedding, wall, curtain or even cushion. The bedroom shows the romantic and feminine. The purple kitchen, living room, dining room and bathroom also can be found below. All of those rooms look chic and stunning with purple touch. Below are 25 pictures of chic room design ideas with purple color. Have a look! (click the image to see the pictures in gallery!)

25 Chic Room Design Ideas With Purple Color

romantic purple bedroom

chic purple room design

white-purple living room

purple-white living room with fireplace

purple-white bedroom

purple room design ideas

purple wall decorating

purple room design

purple living room decor

purple kitchen design

purple kids room

purple girl room

purple entertainment room

purple bedroom design

purple bedroom

purple bathroom

modern purple room design

lavish purple room design

contemporary purple room

classy purple living room

chic purple decorating

chic purple bedroom design

chic purple bedroom

bright purple room design

bright purple bedroom


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